Update: Switching to Basecamp

Posted by Cameron Shaw on

We're growing! As we've continued to grow the team, we're beginning to run into issues with project management and communication overhead. 

We need a more robust system for tracking deadlines, accountability and task follow up so that nothing falls off the radar, and a Birdseye view for a per user and per project basis. Trello has worked wonderfully for keeping up with internal projects and to-dos for several people, but lacks a way to keep up with tasks and to-dos across multiple boards, so it's easy for things to fall of the radar.

We're pleased to announce that we're switching over to basecamp! Our hope is that this change will simplify and streamline our internal project management and client-side communications, reducing overhead and improving communications, as well as provide a higher level of accountability and transparency across all our operations.

You'll be able to see who is working on your project, get notified when work is completed, and generally follow along much more closely with projects.

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