Klaviyo Email Automation Setup & Mailchimp Email Template Migration

Need help migrating from Mailchimp to Klaviyo? We can help. We've helped companies large and small start and grow automated email marketing services.

We can help by handling:

  • existing email template migration from Mailchimp or other service 
  • new email template development (re-usable templates)
  • Klaviyo automation setup, testing & A/B optimization

We have three types of projects:

  • Mailchimp to Klaviyo Migration - move all subscribers, existing email templates, and configure automations. 
  • New Klaviyo Setup - Developing new email templates, and setting up our standard stack of best in class Klaviyo automations. 
  • Klaviyo optimization - Ready to get serious about making money with email automations? We'll partner up with a profit-sharing model and then test, experiment, and work to grow the revenue generated from the automations - month after month.