SlowGrowCRO is an ongoing monthly retainer contract designed to give you peace of mind and ensure your business is optimized to fully leverage your content-driven and organic SEO, and capitalize on all traffic with a wicked fast website experience, along with expert developer guidance and assistance for all things related to your Shopify store.

We manage:

  • Site Speed (on a per-page basis, to quickly identify and remedy any poor performers) Speed is very important for both user experience & SEO.
  • On-site technical SEO - closely monitoring search engines' interaction and interpretation of the site, improving search position and CTR's.
  • Any and all dev work for other tweaks, updates, implementations or integrations as needed. 
I will work to ensure ya'll get the most bang for your buck in the long term (SEO), and in the short term (fast site for improved conversion).

I'll always be available for projects, giving y'all priority over other clients, and since I'm already familiar with the code base and business model, I can jump right in and made changes quicker and more efficiently than another developer. I'll be available and able to respond to any urgent issues, and use my insight in the Shopify apps and ecosystem to answer questions and make recommendations based on industry developments and ecommerce trends (e.g. Mailchimp vs Klaviyo).

To quantify that a bit, I committing to answering emails and beginning new projects within 1-2 business days, available for calls and texts as needed for emergencies pretty much 24/7, and guaranteeing up to 12 dev hours a month available towards projects.

Pricing is a flat base for the Managed Technical SEO & Site Speed components, with development time billed at a discounted hourly rate, with the first 3 hours included. A monthly report will keep you in the loop for monthly benchmark tracking, ongoing efforts and updates, and recommendations.