Shopify Web Development Services

We know Shopify inside and out.

Regardless of what stage you are in your business journey, we can help you fully leverage the Shopify platform. While every project and business is as unique as those behind them, we have come to see some patterns emerge, and offer these as a way to help you identify our capabilities and where they could fit into your business objectives. 

Startups & Early Stage Ventures

We can help you dive into the world of e-commerce! We aren't offering to hold your hand, but we can connect you with awesome resources and provide strategic and tech advice for your new business.

What we can provide:

This is essentially e-commerce channel enablement. A shopify store setup concierge onboarding service, as well as strategic business and technical consulting.

It's easy to make lots of mistakes when setting up shopify stores that can be difficult to fix later on. Technical choices like product architecture or categorization taxonomy options can save a lot of time down the line if good practices are followed from the beginning. 

Ready to take your product to market? We can help.

Design: template-based designs with customized branding and graphics leveraging proven designs, e-commerce best practices, and UX familiarity. 

Development: full featured e-commerce platform giving you the ability to take payments online, track inventory, manage shipping and fulfillment. As with all the sites we build, they're optimized for speed and SEO best practices.

In a nutshell, it's everything you need to begin taking online orders for your product.

SMB's, Growth-Stage

E-commerce development

If you have a brick and mortar location and you're looking to jump into online commerce, we can help you get set up with a world class online storefront and provide product photography.

Redesign / Rebuild / Rescues

If you current website is not responsive (mobile-friendly), or performing well (loads slowly), or effective (doesn't convert well, despite quality traffic), or doesn't match your current branding, a redesign could be helpful. 

Platform Migrations

On one of those other e-commerce platforms? ewww, we can help with that..

Mid-Market & Enterprise  

Conversion Rate Optimization

If you run a successful online store, and know you need to be following a data-driven approach to conversion, we might be able to help. Conversion rate optimization is process-driven, procedural and iterive, we collect data, experiment, and analyze results.

Technical Marketing Execution

Bigger companies = more complexity. There's a lot that you need to have figured out in order to make it where you are, you probably have a better sense of your market and customers. we can't provide high level strategic advise for you here, oft enough these are uncharted waters. If you have a plan and need help in the implementation (referral programs, api connections or workflow/backend systems integrations, complex custom front-end challenges or shopify extensions via custom apps, etc) - we can probably help.

Custom Shopify Development

Whether it's a full custom theme development to support involved functionality or to meet strong constraints, we're some of the best in the biz. Development of a custom Shopify theme from scratch is no small matter, and is only warranted when extensive custom features or functionality is required, or when there are strong performance constraints.

conversion rate optimization

We make the magic happen: conversion rate optimization for digital native vertical brands.

Conversion rate optimization is about taking something that's working very well, and making it work better. Even when things are going really well, there's always room for improvement! With high volume / traffic ecommerce sites, a small change in conversion % can make a significant impact on your bottom line. Conversion rate optimization requires a multidisciplinary and data-driven approach to identify the leaks and friction points in your customer experience and sales funnel and pipeline.

media production

We make videos for building your brand, and take professional product images to boost your online sales.

inbound marketing / outbound exposure

Ready to grow? Marketing and advertising has changed drastically in recent years. The game is the same, but the rules have changed. People still want companies in their lives, but they want, expect, and demand that it's on their terms. 

strategy, positioning, and tech. consulting

Have a marketing team, person, intern, or agency, but not sure what's working? (or how well?) Are your marketing dollars going to good use? Perhaps things seem to be working well, but there's just not enough leads? We can help your business grow.

Or are you just getting started with a new business venture? We can show you the ropes. A little bit of technology consulting goes a long way. CRM? PPC? CAC? We know acronyms and the software, services, and resources that are out there. We can introduce you to the digital ecosystem. We can help you determine your core business processes and workflows, and then discover the 80/20 for automation. We can also set you up a business website, social media pages, etc. and set up all the analytics necessary to start tracking important KPI's (and we can help discover what those are, too!).