who we are

Who is Atlas Collective? As a design collective, we don't keep a full-time staff, and we don't have an office. We work from coffee shops, hostels, home, co-working spaces, or wherever else we happen to be. We work collaboratively, and we bring in the right people for a project from our network of developers, marketers, and designers. 

what we do and how we work

We prefer long term mutually beneficial client relationships. More than that, we want to like the people we work with, and support their mission. Generally we start with a project, a one-off sprint to achieve or accomplish a goal, which often serve as the beginning of a long term relationship if it's a good fit.

why we do 

At Atlas Collective, we believe a revolution is begun. We believe that technology can solve many of the biggest problems faced by the world and society. As technology continues to allow disintermediation in all aspects of our personal lives, the opportunity grows for disintermediation in commerce and industry. 

We see it everywhere. The sharing economy. Direct to consumer. Cutting out all the layers of middle-men. Stripping away the curtain between those who make a product, those who sell and market it, and those who use it.

The optimal size of the organization is decreasing, the industrial revolution is over and many industries will never be the same. Manufacturing is returning to small scale, artisan handcrafted goods. 

The internet has made small distributed tribes possible. If someone can make something that other people will pay them for, then that's all they need to support themselves and maybe even their family.

The age and era of "jobs" is over. Some call it the gig-economy. Sure. But more generally, there are lots of new ways to create value. There are lots of ways to create value without significant capital. There are new ways to distribute value without your own infrastructure. Leverage global distribution and logistics to move physical goods. There are new ways to exchange value from instant and secure online payments to the transition to block-chain driven technologies.

Why? We care. As consumers have continued to gain more insight into the status quo of large business practices, which have tended to value monetary profit over human or environmental welfare, we no longer accept that "this is just the way it is." We reject that exploitation is an inherent quality of business or markets. We can all win together. 

We believe there's a better way. Win-wins are possible for those who settle for nothing less.

what we believe / values

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." 

"rising tide lifts all boats.."

who we ain't

Ain't no mad men. The goal for growth is to find and create true fans - people who love the product, love the brand, love the mission. Delight people to earn their adoration, that's the only way to go

Unlike many agencies these days, we are not a broker for developers. We don't outsource any of our core competencies (we'll use fiverr for like, png to svg or something) When you work with us, the person who gives you a quote is the same person who will work on your site. Your site will be in the hands of an experienced Shopify developer from beginning to end. 

Similarly, if you’re considering a website rebuild only because your current site is outdated, you’ve come to the wrong place. We’ll be transparent in telling you there are thousands of website design companies out there that can help you solve that problem more quickly and less expensively than we do. We only want to make money when you make money.