How we can save the world with a freelance revolution

I'm on a mission to help others support themselves & small businesses all around the world. Free yourself, reclaim your life, and join us in the gig revolution supporting a new wave of ethical and sustainable small business.. starting locally with you!

I started freelancing in web development in the summer of 2016, working from a Kroger near my parents house. 

From day 1 I was able to support my living expenses, modest as they were. 

After I landed my first few clients, I moved to Austin, TX, the city I love.

From there I've continued to find amazing clients & craft an incredible work/life balance, and daily lifestyle, doing work I feel good about, as often or as little as I'd like, and doing some travelling as well! (the digital nomad/true location independence is really incredible, and great in short bouts - super do-able!)

I want to help you do the same.

Support yourself & meet your financial goals, 
     doing meaningful work for companies you feel good supporting, 
          while living a lifestyle & schedule you've designed and crafted.