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We’re bringing live music back to the people, right here in Austin, and helping musicians make money making music - as it should be, right in here in the music capital of the world.

Here’s how it works - YOU, AND ME, AND YOUR FRIEND JOEY - are all going to pay $25 / month for live music in Austin. If you have some bands you know already, follow em, and you’ll get all the invites. Show is free for you. Or rather, you already paid for it. You let the musicians know beforehand that you were down to support them and wanted to come to a show. You indicated to the venue that rain or shine, technical issues or sick front man, whether you drink 10 whiskey sours or two lone stars or just water - you’ll throw em a few bucks to use their space to host a band.

Right now it’s a terribly broken system of politics, bartering, and extreme variability and uncertainty. By banding together, we can help - collectively - to reduce the risk for everyone, and improve the experience of everyone. And who doesn’t like live music? We align the incentives of everyone - the people of Austin want to experience live music on a regular basis, following favorites and discovering new talent, and are willing to pay to do so, the venues get financial security and guaranteed income, and the artists get a steady, constant budget with which to fund their art. We all can help stabilize cashflows and in a sense guarantee each other’s income, by reducing risk - by putting our money where our months are.

I love live music, and want to support the artists and see more of it. I understand the difficulties for venues in booking and jointly profiting with artists. We, the people of Austin, can help.

It could also provide a valuable feedback channel for artists to engage with their audiences. Online Merch Table functionality, show feedback or reviews. If we wanted to get crazy, we could include a local music streaming service.

Could look at it like a Patreon for each band

Or a standing residency with rotating venue

Creates user base and channel for bands to directly connect with fans

Can upsell and create vip packages for extra money, connecting directly with big fans

Venue perks e.g. 10% off alcohol

Psychologically, going to the shows. It feels free.

Plan: start with mom and pop independent venues, show it works then move to big players eg. C3 Presents.

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