ecommerce / commerce channel enablement

Have a product or service that you are ready to take to a larger or global market, or just want to start selling online? We can give you the ability to begin taking payments online tomorrow. We can set up ecommerce stores, import products, and otherwise provide a concierge ecommerce experience.

We build badass Shopify websites. Fully-responsive, optimized, with best-in-class integrations. 

Duration: 3-8 weeks.
Pricing: Fixed.

Design Optimization

Month to month iterative design improvement for conversion rate optimization. Good design is both unique and familiar. Selecting a starting template-based design to leverage prior contextual knowledge, and then iterate that design to optimize it for your application. 

Duration: 6 months. 
Pricing: varies, fixed- and value- based.

Business Analytics Audit

Audit for your analytics and reporting pipeline to check if they are aligned with marketing efforts. Make sure that you're tracking the right indicators, and that the numbers mean what you think. Analytics is remarkably easy to do poorly.

Duration: 2-4 weeks.
Pricing: Fixed.

Business, Positioning, & Tech Stack Consultation

In our unique role as both technology and marketing consultants we have seen many types of businesses both succeed and struggle. If you're hazy on things like your customer profile or buyer persona, or sales funnels and marketing channels, let us help. We can work with you to help identify the relevant metrics, measures, channels, and overall business structure that will help you succeed in your industry. Whether you have an idea and need a roadmap, or are piloting a ship assailed by storms unknown - let us bring the radar, the topographic maps, and a full fleet of measurement, analytics to get your business not just seaworthy, but demonstrably resilient. 

Duration: 1-3 months.
Pricing: Varies. 

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