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Shopify Support & Maintenance Retainer: support, training, and advice on maximizing your ROI with Shopify, as well as minor tweaks, updates, and site maintenance.

We don't like to nickel and dime, and this structure is what we've found to work the best. Our base retainer rate price is $600 / month, and technically includes up to 12 hours of work each month, and additional hours can be billed at $50 an hour. However, we prefer not to view this as a hard threshold, and more of a guideline for the amount of time we expect to spend on a monthly basis. As long as it's in the ballpark most months, we don't worry about it.

This retainer includes minor tweaks and updates to the website, as well as training on and support for the Shopify platform. It gives you somebody to pick up the phone and call, who is familiar with you, your website, your business and objectives. We'll be here to answer questions, provide insight and recommendations for using the Shopify platform, and add or update website content, navigation, and styling.

Larger tasks, such as a website redesign, a major feature addition, or a website extension, will be classified as projects, and aren't included in the base retainer rate. When these projects come along, we will provide a separate quote and statement of work when the objectives and scope of the project have been discussed and determined.

Here's what is included in your monthly retainer:

  • Phone and email-based technical support
  • Bug fixes and enhancements
  • Minor design tweaks and content updates
  • Shopify Apps installation & Configuration
  • Analytics Snippets & Tracking Pixel management & troubleshooting
  • Training on the Shopify platform
  • We'll communicate with your hosting provider if there are any issues (e.g. GoDaddy)

Note: We can commit to providing up to 12 hours of service each month.