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Shopify Performance Optimization

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Everyone knows performance is critical for conversion. Users today don't put up with slow loading sites. No one likes staring at their phone for 4..5...6 seconds while a website loads. They'll just go back to browsing Facebook. You worked so hard to get those eyeballs on your site - a slow website leaves money on the table and drives up your cost of customer acquisition.

We're here to help. Whether you're a Shopify store owner with an underperforming site, or an agency building beautiful site that are slower than you want, we can help. Our specialization is speed. We're developers, but we're also engineers, with deep expertise in networking and web protocols. We have proven results in dramatically increasing website speed, and scores from testing tools like Google's Pagespeed Insights, which directly impact SEO.

Not sure if you have a slow site?
Run it through GTMetrix, Pingdom, and Pagespeed Insights.

How slow is slow?
A median target should be 2-3 seconds for the page to be fully responsive and ready for user interaction. Generally this requires an overall page weight of less than 5MB.